VOM USA Basic Kit


Make flying flavor clouds!

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The contents of the VOM Starter Kit allow the user to generate edible flying clouds! The cloud are formed by fine bubbles filled with helium gas, these clouds can be made of an infinite number of flavors and aromas. They can also be shaped into figures, discs or creative forms with the buoyancy to rise into the air.

Serve these ethereal morsels as a decorative, gustatory or WOW! effect. Hold the cloud on top of glasses or plates, letting it drip in front of diners, emulating rain from a cloud.

Unlimited functions, recipes and above all the surprise and admiration of your customers. Designed for Bartenders, Chefs and Pastry Chefs.

With VOM the imagination comes back to power.


  • The cloud remains stable for 4 to 5 minutes depending on the PH of the product.
  • You can "tame" the VOM clouds and make fun conceptual shapes with them.
  • A new gastronomic technique to explore and discover.
  • Helium confers the effect of tuning the voice for a few seconds if you inhale enough of it.


For high consumption or for professional use, it is essential to complement the Basic Kit with the VOM Technical Kit.


The VOM Basic Kit box is composed of:

  • Vessel Tube
  • Precision-regulated valve connection for helium
  • Silicone base and microperforated diffuser.
  • Formula 1 - Powder solution. Bottle 30 g
  • Tamer
  • Acrylic holders to hold the clouds: Drinks S - Drinks L - Food
  • Adapter for mini bottle (helium bottles for balloons)
  • Basic instructions and recipe booklet
Manufacturer 100% Chef
PACK/SIZE 1 each
Manuf. # 100/4000
Unit Box
VOM Manual Download
VOM USA Basic Kit