Genius Bubble Kit


An instant smoker and aromatizer.  Use to create food flavored mist bubbles.

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The bubbles are stable and transparent. They are filled with flavored smoke and release their fragrance when they explode. A visual and olfactory experience that makes every preparation, even the most classic, a unique event.

In addition, it can be used as an instant smoker for closed containers or hoods.

The Genius Bubble smoker works with scented sawdust, essential oils, flavoring liquids for electronic cigarettes or vapers, and nicotine-free flavored tobacco for shishas. Experiment with aromas such as green apple, mint, lemon, rose, violet, jasmine, blackberry, banana, and many more. You can also combine several flavors together for a more sophisticated and personal blend.

We recommend using it with our Aladin Chips smoking sawdust.


The kit contains 20ml of bubble solution, and 20 grams of Aladin Chips beachwood chips.

Additionaly, you can purchase the 200ml bottle of Genius Bubble Solution.

Manufacturer 100% Chef
PACK/SIZE 1 each
Manuf. # 10/1000
Unit Box
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Genius Bubble Kit